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Check Out the First Trailer for NBC’s Constantine TV Series

Check Out the First Trailer for NBC's Constantine TV Series

Remember “Constantine,” the 2005 Keanu Reeves-starring adaptation of one of DC Comics’ greatest, grittiest, ghoul-battling heroes? This is not that.

Yes, this is called “Constantine,” but it’s a beast of an entirely different color — and a more faithful color, too, by the look of it.

NBC has given the official go-ahead for a “Constantine” TV series based on DC’s long running “Hellblazer” comic books, and unlike the feature film of the same name, this version of “Constantine” features a lead character who is more or less the spitting image of his comic book counterpart. Take a look:

Actor Matt Ryan stars in the title role as John Constantine, a supernatural investigator with some special abilities of his own. He considers himself “a petty dabbler” in the dark arts, but those powers are rivaled by Constantine’s crotchety attitude and sharp wit — tools he puts to great use on his best days, and tools that get him in trouble on other days.

As Constantine, Ryan looks note-for-note like the comic book character he takes his cues from, from the sleek five o’clock shadow to the messy blonde hair, from the loosened tie to the trench coat. Most important of all: the accent. Unlike Reeves’ Los Angeleno interpretation, Ryan’s Constantine speaks with the British (verging on Welsh) accent the character is best known for in the comics.

It’s a strong trailer not just for Ryan as Constantine, but overall, especially because it has Harold Perrineau of “Lost” fame as an angel named Manny. Angel Harold Perrineau is not a thing that sucks, in this life, the next life, or any life.

“Constantine” premieres in the fall on Friday nights, paired up with “Grimm.”




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