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Chilean Miners Movie Gets The Official Greenlight

As the one year anniversary of the “Los 33” rescue nears, Chile’s most famous miners appear to be more popular than ever. 31 of them recently made the news because of a high-profile lawsuit and now it looks like they’ll “officially” have the opportunity to share their story on the big screen.

Keep in mind, this isn’t some hokey straight-to-DVD recreation we’re talking about. The Chilean miners movie has now been green lit and has some very prominent names attached to it. Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Jose Rivera (who won for The Motorcycle Diaries) is set to pen the story and Hollywood big wig Mike Medavoy is on board to produce.

Medavoy already has blockbusters like Shutter Island and Black Swan to his credit, and he happens to have some personal ties to the miners’ home turf.Mike spent ten years of his childhood in Chile and is closely connected to the local film community.

Interestingly, Deadline is reporting that all of “Los 33” now have Hollywood agents and they will each be attached to the project. But the big question is, who would you cast to play them? We can think of at least one actor with Chilean heritage who we’d love to see Lost in the mine.



By Michael Lopez



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