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Chilean Rapper Nfx Releases “SKILLZ”, The First Visual From His Forthcoming Album, Bushido: Thunderstorm

Nfx, the rising Chilean rapper who is taking Latin America by storm releases “SKILLZ”, the first visual
from his album, Bushido: Thunderstorm, inspired by Japanese culture

At just 24-years-old, the Chilean artist, Nfx is one of Latin America’s newest hip-hop promises 

Los Angeles, CA Matías Moena, better known as, Nfx is one of Chile’s newest promises of Latin American hip-hop. The authenticity of the 24-year-old stands out from the rest, his name has reached an international echo and has already been on tour in Colombia, Spain, Brazil, and México. One of his trademarks is the versatility of his rhymes and the rhythms of his songs, influenced by the golden age of 90s rap.

In 2021, Nfx is working on his most ambitious project to date, inspired by Japanese culture. In March he unveiled the first piece of this conceptual puzzle with Bushido: Thunderstorm, a 12-track album that will later be part of a more extensive album. The new album features collaborations with BlabberMouf, Santa Fe Klan, Fisher Showa, Sarazul and Douglass, among others. The full-length album will be released in the coming months and will include other surprises.

“Skillz”, is the first visual from his album, Bushido: Thunderstorm, reflecting the hostility some artists may struggle with making a living in the hip-hop culture. “Many times we comprare ourselves with other artists or people and it kills the vibe of the art of making music,” says Nfx. The visual’s aesthetic is playing with mirrors and the phenomenon of light and dark. This is the first visual of a series that will in the end of the releases will unvei the story that the artist has devised.

’Bushido’ in Japanese means‘The path of the warrior ’. I was inspired by that phrase because for me the path of music and hip-hop is a complicated path full of learning and dedication “, explains the rapper about the conceptual material that tells the journey of a samurai after the wars and their spiritual and mental growth.

Listen to Nfx:
Spotify > http://bit.ly/NfxSpotify
Apple Music > http://bit.ly/NfxAppleM

About NFX:
Throughout his career, Nfx has sought to tell the story of what hip hop really is, “a culture with languages, codes and messages, more than just music,” in his words. Through his songs he seeks to bring peace to the different communities, which for him also translates to the fundamental role of hip hop. He currently has a wide variety of rap and trap albums and singles, which include:: Warzone, Ying, Play and Weed, and collaborations with prominent Chilean rappers, such as Akapellah, Blabbermouf, Klan, Young Cister, Portavoz and Drefquila .

The young man from Recoleta (north of Santiago, the capital of Chile) has always been linked to urban music. At the age of 13, he began to battle with his friends from school, that’s when he discovered that hip-hop was his passion. His first love was with the guitar and the second with rap. Inspired by various references, such as: the American rap trio Fushnikens, Onyx and Wu-Tang Clan, and the Chilean musicians Portavoz and Jona Sánchez, at age 18 he began recording his own songs.

At 17 he became a finalist in the first BDM school qualifier (Battle of Teachers), an international freestyle competition originated in Chile and replicated in 17 countries, such as Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica. In 2016 he released Kid Flava Classic, with 15 songs written by him and recorded in a home studio. That same year he presented his single “Warzone”, which has accumulated more than 13 million views on YouTube. From then on, his popularity was only on the rise.





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