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Chris Brown Is Facing Misdemeanor Charges Over ‘Pet’ Monkey

It’s no secret that Chris Brown is a bit of a controversial figure in the world of music. After first kicking off his career back in 2005, the US artist made headlines for all the wrong reasons back in 2009 when he was found guilty of felony assault against his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Despite this incident tarnishing his reputation, Brown has since managed to bounce back to a degree, releasing a number of albums since. However, his touring attempts have been met with criticism, with some countries attempting to see him refused entry due to his criminal convictions.

In fact, an ultimately successful campaign in 2015 saw many members of the Australian public come together to protest Chris Brown’s tour of the country that year. Despite the fact that publications such as Pitchfork labelled the campaign “racist”, Brown’s visa was eventually denied, and he’s not played in Australia since 2012.

However, even with recent allegations of felony assault and a restraining order to his name, it seems like the one thing that could send Chris Brown to jail is not related to violence, but rather, a monkey.

As you might recall, Chris Brown sparked a bit of criticism in late 2017 when he posted videos of his young daughter Royalty playing with a capuchin monkey named Fiji.

While some called him irresponsible, others noted the monkey would be better off in the wild. As it turns out, US law enforcement appears to agree.

As TMZ notes, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was reportedly informed of Chris Brown’s monkey business, launching an investigation into his pet ownership.

What they soon found was that the artist does not in fact have a permit for the capuchin monkey, leading to its seizure by officials back in January.

Chris Brown is reportedly due to face court in February to answer to two counts of having a restricted species without a permit, and could face up to six months jail if convicted.



by Tyler Jenke



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