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Chris Evans Became A Gym Freak For ‘Captain America’

Forget the Red SkullCaptain America just bested an even greater foe; Harry Potter! According to the latest statistics, Cap took in over $60 million at the box office this weekend, knocking the boy sorcerer down to second place. It also is about to turn up-and-coming star Chris Evans into an overnight sensation. The actor spoke to us at a press conference recently about his thoughts on the film.

“I loved this character,” Evans enthusiastically said. “And I loved the people behind it. There was nothing I didn’t like about the making of this film.”

Interestingly, Captain America is not the first Marvel character that Chris has portrayed. Back in 2005, he starred alongside Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four film, playing The Human Torch. And though he admittedly wasn’t the biggest comic book fan growing up, Evans has learned to appreciate the magic of Marvel.

“The guys at Marvel, these guys are so clever and so smart,” he said. “They make great films. I think [director] Joe Johnston and [producer] Kevin Feige really knew how to make Captain America and his era come to life.”

Of course from Chris’ perspective, making Cap come to life was no easy task. He had to spend an exorbitant amount of hours in the gym training to get that superhero physique.

“I never had a trainer before,” he confessed. “We were doing two hours in the gym everyday.”

For Captain America, and his alter ego Steve Rogers, the muscles came much more easily. This particular Marvel hero got his powers from a special serum developed by World War II scientists. And Evans thought that gave the character an interesting layer of depth.

“I find Steve Rogers so complex, so interesting,” he said. “Part of the reason he was chosen for this experiment is because I don’t think he’ll let this new physical form change who he is and that’s what makes him worthy of this gift. We tried to keep him the same man throughout.”

One big question on everyone’s minds now is, what’s next for Captain AmericaChris is currently filming Cap scenes for next summer’s top secretAvengers movie, but was pretty tight-lipped when it came to details. Although, he did share his thoughts on working with Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr.

“I can’t say enough about Robert. He’s so talented and he has so much charisma. When he comes into a room, he owns the oxygen!”

You can see RobertChris and the rest of Marvel’s Avengers united on screen next May.



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