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Christina Milian Confesses That Her Hearts Is Still With Lil Wayne

Christina Milian Confesses That Her Hearts Is Still With Lil Wayne

It still isn’t over.

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne called it quits after nearly a year of dating in September, but her love for the rapper remains.

“What’s fantastic about everything is that we’re adults, and we understand maybe it’s not the right time for us, but we do love each other,” Milian, 34, says of Lil Wayne, 33, in a new interview on HuffPost Live. “And I think the best thing is to preserve our friendship and not ruin it trying to force it.”

She adds, “It takes a big man and a big woman to actually say like, ‘Okay, I’m in love with you, but I can’t keep forcing it – it’s only pushing us apart.'”
As for whether there might be hope for the former pair, the star of E!’s Turned Up hasn’t entirely ruled out giving the romance another shot.

“Eventually, who knows!” says Milian, whose duet with her ex, “Do It,” came out last month. “There might be a right time. This might be just it, and at the end of the day we’re still here. We talk to each other still every day.”

Milian goes on to explain what draws her to Lil Wayne, saying, “He’s a sweetheart! There’s sides to him that I don’t think anybody knows. He’s a really, really just nice guy … When the two of us are in the right place we’re adventurous, we try new things. And I think that’s one of the most exciting things about relationships is being spontaneous.”

The stars have shared picture-perfect public appearances together, and Milian says their connection was just as electric out of the spotlight.

“I definitely got him to think and try things out of the box,” she explains. “Whether it was like going to a restaurant instead of eating at home with his chef, or, doing sexy, fun things that I didn’t even do. Like we went to a private beach and it was romantic and nobody was there and it was dark too, and scary! But it was so adventurous and fun … It was so hot and fun!”

Milian and Wayne started dating last July but she didn’t confirm the relationship until May.

“I don’t put too much pressure on one thing, but I’m just living freely with him and we’re both very happy,” she told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “I feel like if you don’t put too much expectations and too much high hopes into things, everything will fall into place.”


by Nick Maslow

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