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‘CLANDESTINO’ Returns With Exclusive Access To The Sinaloa Cartel And The El Salvador Maras

'CLANDESTINO' Returns With Exclusive Access To The Sinaloa Cartel And The El Salvador Maras 2

In a new season series journalist David Beriain shows firsthand how the two world’s most violent criminal organizations operate

MIAMI — CLANDESTINO premieres a new season with a unique access to the world’s most famous drug cartel and clandestine gangs in El Salvador. Headed by Spaniard journalist David Beriain, the series that plunges into a universe filled with armies of hitmen, narcos, corrupt cops and human mules, will air on Tuesdays at 9pm E/P starting March 7.

For years Mexico has been fighting a death battle that is ravaging the country. Between 2007 and 2014 more people died in this fight than in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars together. The cartels are fighting with each other and against the government in a business that marks the drug gateway to the United States. It’s a war that comes from afar: after the fall of Pablo Escobar in Colombia, the Mexican capos decided to go from being the middle man to controlling the business at a world-wide level extending routes, exports, and the manufacturing a variety of drugs.

Following the AMAZONAS CLANDESTINO unprecedented success, David Beriain returns to Discovery en Español with CLANDESTINO to dive into the core of the Sinaloa cartel, the most powerful criminal organization in the world previously led by the world-famous ‘Chapo’ Guzman. In order to reach the heart of the cartel, Beriain develops a unique connection with the top players in the organization through a strong trusting bond that result in first hand shocking human stories never seen before in television.

“Making ‘The Sinaloa Cartel’ was a major challenge. We entered the cartel at the most complicated time, after the capture of ‘Chapo’ Guzman and in the middle of a power war to succeed him. It was a challenge to build trust in a time when they themselves looked at one another with absolute distrust,” explains Beriain.

CLANDESTINO also enters El Salvador, a country ravaged by the violence of The Maras, to report stories of death and revenge that Beriain defines as the most impressive he has experienced throughout his professional life.

With 6,000 confirmed homicides every year, El Salvador is the most violent and dangerous country in Latin America. The Maras 18 and Salvatrucha 13 gang members are mortal enemies who delimit their territory through graffiti and violent street fighting. But the journalist will focus on families and police who, in despair, take justice by their own hand. David Beriain will tour the country with them, participate in their operations and see firsthand the traces of a violence that is worse than what the country has experienced during its civil war years.




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