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COASTCITY Releases Personal and Candid Song “Lullaby”

A Father’s Day Tribute
Dedicated to Artists and Industry Executives
Paired with a Star Studded Video

Los Angeles, CA (June 19, 2020) – Caribbean-Soul artist production duo, COASTCITY, releases a heartfelt and honest single and video, “Lullaby,” that speaks on their experience of grappling between fatherhood and the life of an artist who is frequently on the road. In the song, COASTCITY not only expresses how sad it is to miss moments with their children, but also how they long for their children to be better versions of themselves in the future. “’Lullaby’ is the most special song we’ve done as COASTCITY because it’s dedicated to our children. We work hard every day planting those seeds and sometimes we are not there to watch them grow. Our kids are the reason why we march, fight and stand up for what we believe in. We want them to have purpose, affirms Danny Flores (producer, keys).

The video features renown artists, producers, and industry professionals who are also fathers while capturing wholesome moments with their children. The star-studded visuals include the participation of Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, Richard Camacho (CNCO), Maffio, Carlos Arroyo, Noel Schajris (Sin Bandera), Mozart La Para, Frankie J, Chris Kirkpatrick (*NSYNC), and Tostao (ChocQuibTown), to name a few.

The bilingual single offers honest lyrics, distinct melody choices, and a more laid-back production that blends beautifully with their signature Caribbean-Soul sound. Making ’Lullaby’ has been one of our proudest moments both as COASTCITY and as fathers.  The song that was born from a very real moment we had one night at the studio where Danny and I were both sitting in front of our equipment and instruments just missing our families.  It’s never easy leaving home and the only thing that brings me inner peace is knowing I’m doing it all for them, not only to put food on the table, but to also instill in them to never give up on their dreams, explains Jean Rodriguez (vocalist, producer).

In conjunction with the single release, Danny Flores from COASTCITY will be joining the FatherHood Task Force, an organization based in South Florida that facilitates the involvement of fathers in the lives of children, on upcoming conferences representing the Latinx community with the intention to help bridge the gap between fathers in the Black & LatinX communities.
Stay tuned for more news on COASTCITY soon!



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