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Colbert Report Mystery Shutdown: Production Suspended Due to “Unforeseen Circumstances”

We can’t handle the truthiness?

Well, whether we can or not, we’re not getting it. Just hours before last  night’s taping of The Colbert Report, production was abruptly canceled  not just for that episode, but for the remainder of the week.

So how did Stephen Colbert, et al.,  explain the sudden shutdown?

They didn’t.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on  Wednesday, Feb. 15 and Thursday, Feb. 16,” a rep for Comedy  Central told E!  News.

The show does not tape on Fridays.

And while no one’s offering up possible reasons for the suddenly dark   studio, whatever it was seems to have taken even the guests by  surprise.  Tonight’s planned booking was author Susan Cain, who tweeted,  simply, “Show was canceled for tonight. will resched for march…”

Colbert himself hasn’t tweeted since Tuesday, the same day he gamely   appeared Late Night With Jimmy  Fallon to reignite his ice cream war (and best friend forever six months vow).

While the reason behind the shutdown may amount to nothing   much—everyone’s  entitled to a sick day once in a while, right?—it’s   notable mostly because  it’s the first time the otherwise indefatigable   Colbert has taken an  unexpected break.

His networkmate, The Daily Show With Jon  Stewart, has unexpectedly  shut down production twice before, once for the birth of the host’s child, and again when a staff member passed away.

Whatever’s keeping Colbert at bay, it’s not expected to be long-term. A  Comedy Central source tells E! News that the show should be back in production  “soon.”

Let’s hope that’s the case, Nation.






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