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Coldplay To Air The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Musical Today

Coldplay To Air The 'Game Of Thrones' Musical Today

I know that Coldplay, the cast members of Game Of Thrones, and NBC have been putting out promos for what is almost certainly a fake Game Of Thrones Musical for Red Nose Day, the charity event taking place today to raise money to “lift children out of poverty.” This is a very good cause, and they’ve come up with a suitably amusing, shareable way of publicizing it. This is as good as corporate synergy gets.

Having said that, I would totally watch this. I would watch the shit out of a GOT Musical written by Coldplay. I’m now convinced that Coldplay was put on this Earth to write just such a musical.

So far we’ve gotten three clips: above, you can see Tyrion Lannister sing an bombastic ode to some of the major dead characters on the show, and Jaime Lannister sing a piano ballad about missing his fingers and loving Cersei. Below, you can see Coldplay in rehearsals with much of the cast on a new Red Wedding tune. “It’s just been, the most amazing creative outpouring I’ve ever experienced,” Chris Martin says. He’s being facetious, but I have little doubt that the musical seeds in these three clips already are better than the entirety of Ghost Songs, or Ghost Stories, Something Forgettably Bland Like That.

From the start, the biggest Coldplay songs (“Yellow,” “The Scientist,” “Viva La Vida”) were already flirting with musical theater, outsized emotions welded to undeniably catchy melodies, paired with the occasional soupy strings and atmospherics. If you had to make a bet on which band from the ’90s/’00s would get the musical jukebox treatment next (see: Queen, Billy Joel, Carole King, ABBA, etc), I know I’d put it all on God Put A Smile Upon Your Face: The Coldplay Diaries.

The band has been hinting about breaking up after their next album, which might perfectly coincide with the end of Game Of Thrones on TV, so why not transition right into production of A Walk In The Park With Walder Frey, Guys And Dolls (And Beheadings) or A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Red Wedding? Drummer Will Champion was actually AT the Red Wedding, so he can certainly draw on his experiences.

And this is a perfect way for Chris Martin to sort through any remaining feelings for Gwyneth Paltrow. Don’t even try to tell me that Cersei Lannister isn’t Gwyneth. Don’t even.

I just really hope they can leave out all the, you know, rape.



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