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Comedy Central Welcomes New Show To Its Late Night Lineup With “Donald Trump” As The Host

Anthony Atamanuik as donald trump

The President Show officially joined Comedy Central’s late-night administration last night, with an inaugural presentation of what looks like it might be a recurring routine. “This is our very first desk piece, called ‘Nice/Not Nice,’” said Anthony Atamanuik with the Donald Trump impersonation that’s made him famous and landed him the weekly Comedy Central gig.

The bit’s premise was simple enough, as Trump divides the world into good and bad and makes jokes about both. Nice: Marine Le Pen (“She’s French. She’s blonde. And she hates Muslims. She’s a triple threat!”). Not Nice: Marine World (“The whales are sixes”).

With Peter Grosz as sidekick Mike Pence, The President Show has a definite Fernwood 2 Night vibe, and it’ll be interesting to see how – and if – the show can outlast the gimmick novelty that even the culty ’70s Fernwood couldn’t rise beyond. Atamanuik, the Upright Citizens Brigade vet whose uncanny Trump was a viral sensation, seems completely at home on the Comedy Central stage, and lord knows he won’t run short on source material.

Check out the bit above. Maybe when he returns next Thursday, Atamanuik will claim his inaugural sketch had the most views ever.



By Greg Evans


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