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COMO CAÍDO DEL CIELO – NETFLIX – December 24 + Official Key Art



Starring Omar Chaparro and Ana Claudia Talancón, the Netflix film will be available as of December 24th, so that different generations around the world can enjoy this romantic comedy, inspired by some of the music and most characteristic film moments from the Mexican icon Pedro Infante, with songs performed by Omar Chaparro.

Como Caído del Cielo presents Omar Chaparro as Pedro Guadalupe Ramos, a Pedro Infante imitator, who will be key in his attempt to redeem himself.

In the film, Pedro Infante has been in limbo for more than 60 years, as his controversial love past has not allowed him to reach heaven, despite all the happiness he generated in life. After pleading with his guards for one more attempt to earn his entrance to paradise, he receives a single chance and is sent back to earth in the body of his imitator, Pedro Guadalupe Ramos, to solve his complicated life.

But achieving this will not be easy because Pedro Guadalupe’s marriage is about to end due to his cheating on his wife Raquel (Ana Claudia Talancón) with Samantha (Stephanie Cayo), Raquel’s cousin. However, Infante, in the body of his imitator, falls in love at first sight with Raquel and will do anything to prove that he is a new man, straighten the marriage of Pedro Guadalupe and avoid any temptation that prevents him from reaching heaven.

“When this project came to us, we decided against a biopic film. We wanted to create a visual ‘love letter’ to Pedro Infante; a tender and funny homage that follows our beloved icon as he seeks redemption and love on the screen.  Audiences will see Omar as they’ve never seen him before. We were thrilled to partner with Netflix to bring this film to life for the whole family”  said producer Carolyn Caldera De Fanti.

“Como Caído del Cielo presented me with the enormous challenge of confronting an icon like Pedro Infante, with all the situations which this entails, in addition to alluding to the joy of the unforgettable characters that Pedro represented on the screen and who made him a symbol of Mexicanity itself. Omar Chaparro plays the role of his life!  Netflix gives us a unique opportunity to prove to every corner of the world that feelings, values, songs and Mexican culture can be universal and eternal, as well as recovering the magic of enjoying with several family generations  a film that will make them laugh, cry, sing and dance”, said Director, Producer and Co-Writer Pepe Bojorquez.

It also features performances by Stephanie Cayo, Yare Santana and the special performances of Manuel “Flaco” Ibañez, Lupita Sandoval  and Angélica María.

The film is directed by Pepe Bojórquez (Más sabe el diablo por viejo, Luna escondida), who produced it along with Antonio Ruiz Arrieta, Carolyn Caldera De Fanti, Jean-Luc De Fanti, Moctezuma Esparza and Omar Chaparro himself. The script was written by Alfredo Felix-Díaz (Complices) and also by Pepe Bojórquez.

De qué me sirve el cielo is the original theme song written by Jorge Avendaño and Omar Chaparro especially for this story.



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