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Conrad Murray reaches out to Paris Jackson in taped message after suicide attempt: ‘You are not alone’

Conrad Murray reaches out to Paris Jackson in taped message after suicide attempt: 'You are not alone'

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the man convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the  death of Michael Jackson, made a plea to his daughter Paris Jackson — offering  his help after the teenager attempted to commit suicide.
The dastardly doctor who killed the King of Pop has a message for Paris Jackson a day  after her suicide bid: “You are not alone,” and “I am here for you.”

Conrad  Murray reached out to Paris Jackson, 15, from Men’s Central Jail in downtown  Los Angeles where he is serving a four-year sentence for delivering the fatal  dose of sedatives to Michael Jackson in 2009, TMZ reported.

“I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to solve your pain or help you  with your problem but I wanted you to know that I am here for you,” Murray, 60,  said in a recorded message posted on the gossip site. “I have never been  gone.”

In the bizarre call he described as “a letter” to Paris, he even dared echo  the lyrics of one of her dead dad’s hits, “You are not alone.”

“Just know that you are not alone,” Murray said.

“I am here for you.”

A police source confirmed Thursday that Paris took 20 Motrin pills and sliced  her wrist with a kitchen knife at 1:27 a.m. Wednesday in the Calabasas mansion  she shares with her siblings, Prince, 16, and Blanket, 11, and grandmother,  Katherine Jackson.

The pressure of having to testify in the Jackson family’s wrongful death  lawsuit against concert promoter AEG became too much for Paris to bear, sources  told the Daily News Wednesday.

Other factors in the suicide bid emerged Thursday, as well.

A source said that Jacko’s only daughter had recently felt increasingly  isolated from her family.

“Paris has been depressed for a while. She stays in her room all the time and  only comes out for meals. She doesn’t interact with anyone in the house,” the  source told [email protected] “Prince has his (driver’s) license and his own car and  a girlfriend who also has her own car, so he’s not there much. Blanket is too  small for her to hang around.”

Paris had also become increasingly overwhelmed by the cyberbullying that  followed her every tweet.

Her tweet “I wanna be a fishie,” which accompanied an image of her  underwater provides one brutal example.

“Die…lesbian,” responded one troll on Twitter.

On May 29 a Twitter war with another user included a barrage of brutal  insults like “you’re such a bully. That’s why your dad is dead,” “ugly bi—”  and “your dad touched little boys.”

One of the last heartless messages was simply: “You ugly d— kill  yourself.”

Paris remains hospitalized. In spite of it all the source said she “is doing  very well.”

As she recovers, Murray wanted her to know she’s in his thoughts.

“I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’m sure whatever it is it must  be difficult,” Murray said in the bizarre call.

“I always will be available to listen to you, answer your questions, or to  share with you a plethora of beautiful and savored, untold stories of your  father.”

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, after a jury held  him responsible for providing Jackson the lethal cocktail of drugs that killed  him in 2009.

The death led to the ongoing high-stakes legal battle that could cost  concert promoter AEG billions.

The Jackson family claims the company acted negligently in hiring Murray as  Jackson’s doctor for the doomed “This Is It” tour.

AEG has denied any wrongdoing, saying it was the “Thriller” singer who struck  a deal with the Las Vegas cardiologist and that they were unaware of the degree  of Jackson’s chemical dependence.

Murray’s nearly four-minute message — in which he says he loves Paris “as a  father” — was heartfelt, Murray’s lawyer said.

“He felt compelled to make a statement right away,” attorney Valerie Wass  told the Daily News.

“I know he’s always been genuinely concerned about Michael’s kids and their  well-being. He genuinely loves those kids, and (Paris’ suicide attempt)  obviously is upsetting to him.”




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