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Conrad Murray’s Defense: Michael Jackson Caused His Own Death

More than two years after the death of Michael Jackson, his doctor Conrad Murray has been brought to trial to face involuntary manslaughter charges. And, as expected, the case has created a media circus. Cameras were everywhere this morning as Michael’s family and Conrad entered the Los Angeles courthouse.

Jackson’s mother, father, and siblings (including LaToyaJanetJermaine, and Randy) made their way through throngs of crowds praising the late King of Pop. Murray was escorted under heavy watch amidst boos, hisses, and angry shouts from MJ fans on the street.

When the trial finally began, there were plenty of emotions among nearly everyone in the courtroom. Conrad’s defense is claiming that Michael caused his own death when he overdosed on Propofol back in June 2009.

“On June 25 for 10 hours Michael Jackson was frustrated because he could not sleep, frustrated that his doctor refused to give him a drug that he wanted,” Murray’s defense attorney Ed Chernoff said in his opening remarks. “He did an act without his doctor’s knowledge, without his doctor’s permission, against his doctor’s orders. He did an act that caused his own death.”

Obviously that statement caused quite a shock among Jackson’s family and reportedly caused his mother Katherine to break down. But that barely compares to what the defense team brought out later in the day.

Conrad’s lawyers presented tape of Michael slurring while under the influence of his medications. Radar Online has published snippets of the audio, which is actually rather shocking to hear. The team then showed off a picture of Jackson’s dead body (which has since hit the internet) causing sister Janet to burst out in tears.

It all made for quite a lot of activity (especially since we’re only on day one). Throughout the duration of the trial, several of Michael’s closest associates will be asked to take the stand. Tr3s fave Kenny Ortega may be the first to testify and is expected to be grilled heavily about the This Is It rehearsals. And, needless to say, we are very curious to hear what he has to say.



By Michael Lopez



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