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Cops Sweep Will Smith’s House for Michelle Obama Lunch

Cops Sweep Will Smith's House for Michelle Obama Lunch


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith got a visit  from L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies Monday, who were there to secure the  property for a little lunch the Smiths are throwing for the First Lady of the  U.S. of A.

Will, Jada and Salma Hayek are hosting the  $2,500-a-head lunch for Michelle Obama this Thursday. That’s the bargain  basement price. If people want their pic taken with Michelle  Obama, the price of admission goes up to $10k a couple — the good  news, that includes lunch.

Several units from the Emergency Operations  Bureau of the Sheriff’s Dept. showed up to sweep the grounds … inside and  out.

The  Smiths live in Calabasas, behind a massive gate with a long, winding road that  leads to the main house. Sheriff’s deputies — along with Secret Service — were  everywhere, looking for possible security breaches.






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