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Courtney Love Sued By Ex-Assistant, And Others

Courtney Love Sued By Ex-Assistant, And Others

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Hole singer Courtney Love is being sued by her ex-assistant, Jessica LaBrie for unpaid wages. LaBrie said she refused to forge legal documents and hire a computer hacker for “fraudulent, unlawful, and unethical acts.”

There’s a shocker. Courtney Love has been a loose cannon for years, and her wanting to hire computer hackers to do her bidding is just another loop on the crazy coaster for her. LaBrie isn’t the first to slap a lawsuit on Love. Courtney was also sued by former legal representatives Keith A. Fink & Associates on June 25 for $466,029.41 in outstanding legal fees.

But wait, there’s more Courtney Love legal services lawsuit news. Another law firm is trying to get her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, to testify against Love. They have asked her to explain her tweet stating,

“Twitter should ban my mother.”

In case you forgot, this was in relation to Love accusing Foo Fighter frontman David Grohl of making sexual advances on 19 year old Frances Bean. After Courtney launched her Twitter tirade against him, Frances suggested her mother be cut off from tweeting for good.

However, the defamation case isn’t from Grohl’s camp. It’s from another law firm, Gordon & Holmes. In a 2010 tweet, Love wrote,

“I was f***ing devastated when Ronda J Holmes esq of San Diego was bought off. I’ve been hiring and firing lawyers to help me with this.”

Hmm, seems a little suspicious. Seems like lawyers are hiring and firing you! Courtney has been accused of being paranoid in the past, when she claimed people were trying to forge her signature to move money in her daughter’s name to Geneva and Zurich back in 2010. She also ranted about fraudulent documents and people stealing $28 million dollars within earshot of other patrons in a cafe.

LaBrie, the ex-assistant, will soon be publishing a tell-all book on Courtney Love soon, called Get Me A Xanax. Can’t wait to read that! Courtney, I like your music, girl. But can you tone down the craziness just a bit?



By Ikam Acosta



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