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Create A Great Gift for Dad And At the Same Time Donate To A Needy School

Create A Great Gift for Dad And At the Same Time Donate To A Needy School 1

Let’s face it; there is nothing that a parent loves more than a handwritten card.

So grab the kids and  get creative.  Whether you write him a poem, a limerick or just a heartfelt thought, Dad is going to love it. All you need is a little time, aIC pen or pencil and maybe a little help from a rhyming dictionary.

Did you know that according to the Hanover Research Paper titled “The Importance of Teaching Handwriting in the 21st Century”, handwriting instruction benefits students’ cognitive development as well as motor functioning, such as creative thinking, spelling, grammar and punctuation? Thus, improving these skillsets can spark educational growth and personal accomplishments.

Even with this report out, many public schools do not have the budget to provide our children with the basic supplies needed to do their course work.  But you can help change that.

Take the BiC “Fight For Your Write” Pledge and join BiC in providing pens and pencils to those in need.

As part of its Fight For Your Write mission, BIC has partnered with to give kids in need tools to inspire them to write and reach their potential.

BIC has agreed to donate one pen or pencil for everyone who takes their pledge to celebrate handwriting, with a maximum donation of 200,000.

Your signatures are making a difference. Continue to show your support for their mission and encourage others to take the pledge so that all kids can write their way to success!

Get what you need without breaking the bank.

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By Ninnette M. Aquino



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