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Daniel Craig Moves To A Showtime Series Based Of The Novel ‘Purity’

Daniel Craig Moves To A Showtime Series Based Of The Novel 'Purity'

Who’s your favorite James Bond actor? Well, if you are a millennial, Daniel Craig could be easily it. He brought more reality and grittiness into the film without taking out that perennial James Bond charm. But as news and rumors have it, he might not make his fifth appearance, according to Mirror. Instead, the English actor opted to star on a new Showtime series based on a Jonathan Franzen novel called ‘Purity’. Craig, though, might still appear as James Bond as he has yet to confirm whether he has closed the door on playing the part.

According to The Guardian, this novel adaptation received high-profile bids from FX, Netflix and others. Twenty episodes will be screened by the network and it looks like to give Mr. Craig a big pay day. Also, the report points out that this will be Craig’s first major television series since the BBC epic Our Friends in the North in 1996. This will also be his first TV show in America.

The Jonathan Franzen novel, Purity, is about the eponymous character in her early 20s raised by her reclusive mother. Her full name is Purity Taylor is goes by the name “Pip”. With a student loan of $130,000 and some issues with her mother, her life gets more complicated by an anti-nuclear activist named Annagret who recruited her to work for Andreas Wolf. Wolf is the charismatic leader of The Sunshine Project, the fictional competitor of WikiLeaks. The novel and the show is deemed to be a complex story of the idealism of youth, the extremes of loyalty and cold-blooded murder.

The production will start in 2017 and it is expected to be broadcasted in two installments over two years. Craig will not only play the male lead but will also executive produce the entire series.



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