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Danny Trejo Reveals A Bit About ‘Death Race 3’

Danny Trejo Reveals A Bit About ‘Death Race 3’


Get ready for a whole lotta Danny Trejo in 2013. The tough-as-nails Tr3s fave has no less than 10 movies on tap this year (according to IMDb), including the hard-driving Death Race 3. And Danny fans will have a lot to look forward to with the Race 3 Blu-Ray release.

“This DVD is going to be awesome,” Trejo told us in an exclusive interview. “And it even has an entire special feature devoted to me.”

That it does. One of the major selling points of the DR3 DVD is a featurette called “Art Imitating Life.” In it, fans get an in-depth look at Trejo’s life, including his stint in San Quentin. And while Danny is certainly proud to share those details, he’s even more proud of the film.

Death Race 3 is the first time I’ve seen a trilogy get better,” he said. “They really went all out for this sequel. Bigger sets, bigger explosions, you name it!”

DR3 also took Trejo to Cape Town South Africa, which he called “an amazing experience.”

“We went down to film in Africa and it was awesome,” he explained. “But I’d actually been to Cape Town a few times before. It’s where we shot Death Race 2 and I filmed the Dusk Til Dawn sequel there.”

One other big selling point of DR3 is female lead Tanit Phoenix. A South African native herself, Tanit plays Katrina in the film and literally has the entire cast fawning over her. And though Danny didn’t reveal any major spoilers, he did say that they shared some steamy scenes together.

“The action in this movie is great,” he added. “But the best part of all is, I get to kiss the girl!”

Speaking of sexy leading ladies, Trejo has quite a few lined up in the next few months.

“There are some great projects coming up,” he said. “I’ll be working with Gina Carano in In The Blood and wait’ll you see Machete Kills. We’ve got Lady Gaga and Alexa Vega from Spy Kids. And she certainly isn’t a Kid anymore!”

Clearly we’ll have no shortage of Danny in the new year. But if you want to see him kick some ass today, go pick up Death Race 3 at a DVD store near you.

What’s your favorite Danny Trejo movie?



by Michael Lopez

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