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Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes San Francisco Press Conference


We are on the eve of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie premiere.  The movie, which continues the story after the 2011 global hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes, premieres Friday, July 11th, 2014.  In order to learn more of about this success rebooting of the Planet of the Apes franchise,  Zay Zay went to California to attend the 20th Century Fox’s San Francisco Press Conference.  In attendance were Andy Serkis, Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, Terry Notary and Director Matt Reeves.

Zay Zay directed his first question directly to Director Matt Reeves. “How did you approach telling a story where everybody already knows the outcome?” Reeves started by saying he had previously been asked if it was boring to direct this type of film, to which his standard answer is normally no he thinks “that’s the best part”.

The Director continued on to say there are “two kinds of stories, there were the kind of stories where the narrative point is to discover what happened, and the first film, which is a classic, is that, because at the end you realize what happens and its mind blowing”

There are other stories “stories that you knew the end at the beginning, the story ceases to be what happened, it becomes what and how did it happen and why did it happen. So those stories are all about character……”  “The world of “Rise” and the world that we were going to be creating in “Dawn” is really virtually nothing in the world of the 1968 film, it meant that how do we get from here to there and that all became a question of nature” states Reeves.

“To me, all the excitement of the “Planet of the Apes” is that the conceit of the story is that the animals have taken over the planet. The secret of the story and the secret of the metaphor is that we are the animals, by looking into the faces of apes and seeing them struggle with their nature and seeing that we’re really struggling with ourselves. So does a story which is about the one moment in time, what I saw in the opportunity of this film, given that it becomes planet of the apes, and not planet of the humans and the apes, this is a moment where that could have happened, and why didn’t it happen? It becomes a whole examination about our existence with violence and whether or not we can fight those urges. It’s as much a battle within each of those characters as well as those between each of the characters. “

He sums it up by saying “So for me best part about this movie is that we knew the ending.”

Zay Zay directed his next question to the actors themselves.  “Fast forward six months you are all at a restaurant having dinner, ‘you remember that time when…..” Zay Zay says.  Gary Oldman is quick to mention a behind the scenes event that all diehard fans will love to know.  The answer…when the apes first appear at the compound,  there is a wonderful shot of the blank screen that sort of separates  and “ a lot more than eighty” apes appear on horseback. In reality only 7 showed up on the day of shoot, additionally the horses where skittish. The horses were startled by Andy’s voice.  Whenever he spoke one horse would move and hit the other horse, who hit another horse and so forth. “So in the end it was about 7 actors in their unitards, sort of motion capture suits, sitting on like stepladders that they got from Home Depot pretending they were horses.” Ahh “The Magic of Cinema”.

The press conference goes on to cover many more question with many more great answers, but as you (“our fam”) requested I will no longer print SPOILERS.  We at ZayZay.Com encourage you to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this weekend.  It promises to be a wonderful story about survival.  Producer Dylan Clark says it best “The apes have risen, and the humans have declined. An now they’re about to collide” Dun Dun Dun!!!

**Spoilers and Full Conference Audio will be available after the movie premieres Friday**

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