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DC Promoting “Gotham City Sirens” Movie With Leading All-Female Villain Leads

DC Promoting “Gotham City Sirens” Movie With Leading All-Female Villain Leads 1

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn solo film is now an all-female villain team-up and as opposed to the rumored title Birds of Prey, DC is moving forward with the planned spin-off under the title Gotham City Sirens. What’s more is that Suicide Squad director David Ayer has also come onboard to helm the movie. Get the rest of its details below!

Gotham City Sirens, according to Inverse, borrows its name from a recent DC comic series, which features the Maid of Mischief alongside Catwoman, Batman’s sometime love interest; and Poison Ivy, whose powers come from plants and their toxins, as a three-woman team who goes against various members of the Gotham criminal underground.

Not much is known yet regarding the direction of the film but the site predicts it will also focus squarely on the three lady big bads, suggesting the other two aforementioned DC characters will likely be appearing in the new DC Extended Universe sometime soon.

Yahoo! confirms Gotham City Sirens will be co-produced by David Ayer, who will also be taking the directorial duties of the film, as well as Robbie. On the other hand, top female scribe of the action genre Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who is notable for writing the Tomb Raider remake and Warners’ own Sherlock Holmes 3, is in charge of the screenplay. The heads of DC’s film arm, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, are also expected to be involved in a producorial role.

Prior to the announcement of its new title, the planned Harley Quinn spin-off was rumored to be called Birds of Prey. It reportedly indicated that the part-time girlfriend of the Joker would be interacting with Gotham’s women heroes such as Huntress and Batgirl. But as the latest news indicates, it will instead be closer to Ayer and Robbie’s previous DC anti-hero flick, Suicide Squad, which premiered August this year. This undoubtedly means it will feature villains doing bad things, but for the good of everyone else.

Birds of Prey, which reportedly had attached Christina Hudson to pen the script, hasn’t been mentioned in the first report. Thus, it’s left to be seen whether or not Huntress and Batgirl will be incorporated into this new project, or if the studio will produce a separate spinoff featuring Gotham’s heroines. One Gotham hero that does appear in Sirens, however, is Zatanna, so hopefully DC’s leading magical sorceress will be making a debut in the DC Extended Universe too.

Warner Bros. has yet to set a release date for Sirens, but the project is now reportedly on the fast track. Apart from this, DC is also developing other films including a Suicide Squad sequel and a Deadshot solo movie.




By  Necta C.

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