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Deep Thoughts: Our Favorite ‘Green’ Latinos

Though it’s far from being a national holiday, this Friday marks Earth Day 41st anniversary and we’re certain the original founders would be proud of the eco-friendly accomplishments that have been made within the past five decades.


From electric cars, to solar panels and beyond, plenty of people from around the world have adapted to “green” technology, including several high-profile Latino celebs. So, in honor of Mother Earth, we thought it would be fun to profile a few of our personal favorites.

Christina AguileraXtina actually gets bonus points for her recent “green” gesture. Not only did he she team with Chrysler to design an eco-friendly car, she helped auction it off to raise money for Haiti. Featuring cactus-colored seats, bamboo appliqué door trims, and a recycled interior, her “Eco-Style” ride fetched a pretty penny on the bidding circuit.

Jessica AlbaJess has taken her environmental beliefs to the home front. Latina magazine once dubbed her pad an “eco-friendly paradise” and it’s easy to see why. In Alba’s living room you can find rugs made out of recycled tennis balls, trash cans built from potato chip wrappers, and a doggie bed that used to be plastic bottles. And if that wasn’t enough, she also makes a point to dress her daughter Honor in organic cotton clothing.

Salma Hayek – Those who follow Salma’s career know that she’s always supported numerous causes. And helping Mother Earth is one of the issues she feels most passionate about. Not only has she launched her own organic beauty line, she also sits on the board of Global Green USA, a charity dedicated to combating climate change. Plus she has solar panels in her home and drives a sporty hybrid car.

Penelope Cruz – You may not want to pull up in a diesel-powered truck next to Penelope Cruz. This A-list Latina is all about eco-friendly four wheelers. A staunch supporter of, Pe encouraged her famous friends to switch their cars to hybrids and has even arranged for alternative fuel vehicles to shuttle stars to their high-profile events.

Cameron Diaz – For years Cameron has been an advocate for green energy, but her true passion lies in protecting the world’s eco-systems. Back in 2005, she teamed with MTV for the environmental series Trippin, which had her traveling to Yellowstone, Patagonia, and Bhutan. On each of the journeys, Diaz would profile endangered species and gorgeous wildlife preserves that were being impacted by pollution.

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day this year? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.


By Michael Lopez



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