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Del Toro takes part in forum boosting P.R. film industry

Del Toro takes part in forum boosting P.R. film industry

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Actor Benicio del Toro took part in an innovative project in his native Puerto Rico to make it the responsibility of island’s movie sector to take its proposals to the authorities in order to promote and internationalize the industry.

As one of the best-known Puerto Ricans in movies, Del Toro inaugurated Thursday a forum open to the public and organized by the Puerto Rico Cultural Development Commission.

After admitting that “almost all my career in movies has been outside of Puerto Rico,” the Oscar-winning actor stepped back to let other notable figures of Puerto Rican movies lead the forum.

Also taking part in the event was veteran Oscar-nominated director Jacobo Morales.

“It’s logical to hope our movies at least recover their investment, and while I accept that movies are entertainment, they can be much more than that, they can inspire feelings in us,” Morales said, acknowledging that at his age, “I have a growing urgency to do something serious, because I have the impression that I’ve never worked in my life.”

He said that “Puerto Rican films don’t need to have universality as their starting point,” contrary to what is usually advised, and recalled that the success of many foreign films in the United States has not been based on “their universality or their budget,” but on “their authenticity, the true feelings with which they tell their stories.”



Source: globalpost



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