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Demi Lovato Now Training For MMA with Professional Trainer

Demi Lovato Now Training For MMA with Professional Trainer

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: Greg Hardy’s action inspiring a woman. But a few hours after the former NFL star turned domestic violence abuser stated his intentions to pursue an MMA career, pop star Demi Lovato apparently wants to do the same thing. And while Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer shunned Hardy for it, he is encouraging Lovato to do the same.

According to Glazer, Demi “throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys that come in there. She’s more violent than most and then she gets mad if we don’t kind of get after her harder. She’s definitely one of our fighters, without a doubt.”

You can check out all of his comments to TMZ in the video below:

Anyone who follows Lovato on Instagram can tell that she’s been thinking about it for some time. She has posted plenty of videos recently of her training with Jay Glazer in the gym. It seemed like some light sparring at first, but when you couple it with this interview, it only adds fuel to the fire:

While you have to admire Lovato’s ambition, MMA isn’t something anyone can just pick up. Just a month ago, CM Punk got into the Octagon with a year of training and lasted two minutes against a fighter with years of experience. It’s hard to imagine Demi’s MMA debut going any different.

Women’s MMA may be a relatively new environment, but there are some real killers who could easily deal with ordinary men. You need to have a lot more than just determination to step into the Octagon. And after the short-lived trainwreck that was Fox’s Celebrity Boxing, there’s no reason we need to see this play out.

At least with Greg Hardy, you could somewhat understand the decision. He’s probably not going to get signed by another NFL team, and given his past, MMA kind of suits him. But Demi Lovato has a great career and will make a lot more money singing than she will cage fighting. Hopefully she surrounds herself with people who can talk her out of this rather than yes men like Jay Glazer who don’t know anything about the consequences of stepping into the Octagon.



by David Rouben

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