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Demi Lovato Shares How She Got Lured Into Using Drugs

Demi Lovato Shares How She Got Lured Into Using Drugs 2


It’s no secret Demi Lovato has been in rehab for an eating disorder that spun out of control, but now she is coming clean about her drug use in the past. Besides contributing to her eating disorder, the bullying and loneliness Demi experienced caused her to turn to drugs.

Lovato first admitted,

“It’s something I don’t really want to talk about.”

The star then volunteered more information about her dark past. Demi said,

“What I can say is that I was depressed. I would come off stage in front of 18,000 people and suddenly be alone in a hotel room. I’d come crashing down and would try to find a way to recreate that feeling, to stay ‘up’.”

Demi also shared how promoters always had drugs available to encourage her to appear at the clubs. She said,

“Promoters gave me drugs and alcohol in restaurants or clubs. They wanted me to come back so I would be seen there. They were basically kissing my ass. I thought they were my friends. I thought I was having fun. Being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says ‘no’. That’s why so many end up overdosing and dying. It could definitely have happened to me.”

Although pursuing treatment in rehab was not Demi’s idea, the young starlet didn’t exactly have any objections to going. She knew she had a problem she had to address. Demi recalls how she felt during a three-month stay in rehab,

“It was really, really hard and scary. I was homesick and lonely and several times I thought f*** it, I’m leaving. But my mum told me I would regret it. This was my only chance.”

Demi is now a healthy size 10-12 and is embracing her naturally curvy Latina body. She admits it was “terrifying being heavier” after she had been unnaturally thin for such a long time. Luckily, she has also embraced better eating habits and is less obsessed about food and her weight.

Lovato explained,

“I don’t deprive myself- I had a Kit Kat last night, but I don’t eat s*** every day. I have a meal service that brings my food to my home so I don’t have to think about being healthy.”

Do you think promoters used drugs to lure Demi into the clubs?

By Michael Lopez



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