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Demi Lovato Unruffled After Troll Derides Her Friendship with Nick Jonas And Her Career

Demi Lovato Unruffled After Troll Derides Her Friendship with Nick Jonas And Her Career 2

Demi Lovato was sent a really ugly message via Instagram by a hater and the “Skyscraper” singer responded with the kind of dignity that just showed the world what kind of a star she is.

Recently, an internet fan/ hater reacted to something Lovato had written about her good friend, Nick Jonas. Lovato had written on her facebook site,

“He’s [Nick Jonas] so driven and it inspires me to work harder as an artist. To every last detail, Nick will work and work on a song or idea until it’s perfect. So not only I am thankful to have him basically as my twin brother but also to have him involved in my career and as a brilliant business partner as well, “ the Inquisitr reports. The hater got angry over the idea that Lovato was so friendly with Jonas and had called him her inspiration. So he told her off for writing about Nick Jonas for publicity.

demi lavato instagram hater

The hater wrote, “Nick Jonas inspires you to be a better artist??¿¿¿ Nick¿?¿?¿ Jonas¿?¿???¿ Maybe if your manager focused on promoting you and stopped making you say shit like this and shoving your fake ass friendship down our throats you’d still be on the charts @ddlovato #demilovato #nickjonas #CanScooterPleaseHelpHer”

This made Lovato , the rulebreaker award winner of Billboards last year, very angry and she fired back a response that showed class and dignity. She instantly called out the hater for being so out of the loop that he knew nothing about the situation. Then she told him that she wasn’t exactly out of the charts yet. “You know nothing,” Lovato told the man, “I may not be the highest on the charts but at least I’m still on them.” Teen Vogue reported the event.

This shut down the hater completely and he wrote back an apology to her telling her that her management was not doing a good enough job for her. ““Hey queen, no hard feelings. @ddlovato. That’s how we all feel about your team, you only noticed me because I got lucky. You don’t have to sass me to prove my point.”

Way to go, Lovato!


by Meghna Subhedhar

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