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Did Judas betray Lady Gaga too?

There has been way too much hype lately about the release of Lady Gaga‘s Judasvideo.  Was the buzz worth the wait? We expected it to be controversial, mostly because of its religious connotation and its timing -after Easter.

Some even question if it would top Madonna‘s Like a Prayer video which shocked the world back in ’89, even causing Pepsi to yank their Madge commercials after only 2 airings! If anyone could top that kind of shock nowadays of course it’s Lady Gaga. Did she shock us as much as Madonna did back in the day?

The video is already out and we can debate about it. For the record, it seems likeJudas is still a traitor!

Since Gaga‘s first hit Just Dance hit the charts,  she’s had nothing but hit after hit after hit, taking the music industry by storm. We were all wondering in the back of our mind, will any of her songs ever flop?

After the ‘Judas’ kiss, I think her time has come! Not only this song isn’t one of her best, just as disappointing seems to be the ever awaited video! Apparently it has not met the expectations.

Even though she has bikers and crowns with thorns (just like in the Like a Prayervideo), it seems like Gaga came short of a considerable shock factor. Not a good sign if you’re thinking of topping Madonna just yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Lady Gaga fan and also a big Madonna fan,  I’m just worried that Lady Gaga‘s innovative originality might be wearing out a bit by trying to be too much like Madonna.

First, her last single Born This Way has alot of similarities to Express Yourself. You can almost sing Madonna‘s lyrics to Gaga‘s music! And now the Judas video whereGaga‘s boyfriend is not a black Jesus, but Jesus’ backstabbing best friend! Miss Gaganeeds to know that she is a fantastic artist for her originality and her uniqueness, and there is no need to imitate her majesty The Queen of Pop Shock, Madonna.

The video really doesn’t show us something different, with a Mary Magdalene-BikerLady Gaga, a few dance numbers…nothing we haven’t seen before. There are great visuals as always, but nothing that made me say… ‘Oh No She Didn’t!’

So did Judas’ kiss make Gaga betray her original identity?  Will this be Lady Gaga‘s first flop?  The Billboard Hot 100 Charts seem to confirm it: Judas openned at number #10 and now it scooped to #20, lower than her previous single (Born This Way #16).

What do you think of Gaga’s Judas video?


By Larry Yepez Jr.







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