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Diego Luna’s Emotional Journey to the Premiere of “MR. PIG” starring Maya Rudolph & Danny Glover

Diego Luna's Emotional Journey to the Premiere of  "MR. PIG" starring Maya Rudolph & Danny Glover

Check out DIEGO LUNA in this great video by REMEZCLA at the Sundance Film Festival during the premiere screening of his upcoming film “MR. PIG.”


Director: Diego Luna
Writers: Diego Luna, Augusto Mendoza
Starring: Maya Rudolph, Danny Glover, Joel Murray

Synopsis: “A beautiful road movie and a chance to talk about love for Mexico through the eyes of an American.”

Diego Luna on the ups and downs of directing Mr. Pig.

Diego Luna at Sundance and He Bared His Soul

We Hung Out With Diego Luna at Sundance and He Bared His Soul.

We talked to Diego Luna about directing Mr. Pig during the Sundance Film Festival. We tagged along to his world premiere screening and took him on a ski lift ride the next morning. He shared his fears about filmmaking, the joy that sharing his art with an audience brings, and why he thinks his daddy issues make it into all his movies.

This is the second episode of our Panoramica series, where we follow Latino directors during the lead up to the world premiere of their most recent movie at big name film festivals.

The Mexican premiere of Mr. Pig is this Saturday, March 5 at the Guadalajara Film Festival (FICG).

“It’s very clear to me now that I have daddy issues and luckily, that’s what my work is about –
to reflect and to question yourself, to look inward.
That’s what cinema is about, at least the cinema that I like.”
– Diego Luna

 Read the full article from REMZECLA interview with Diego Luna is the flagship site of the Remezcla Content Network, which consists of over 35 top lifestyle-focused properties that speak to the most influential Hispanic millennials (ages 18-35) in the U.S. and abroad. We launched a dedicated film section focusing on independent Latino movies, TV shows, and web series in 2014.

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