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Discovery’s Highly Anticipated “Eaten Alive” Special Gets Raged At For False Promises.

Discovery's Highly Anticipated "Eaten Alive" Special Gets Raged At For False Promises.

On Sunday night, Discovery aired the highly anticipated “Eaten Alive” special, in which conservationist and filmmaker Paul Rosolie went head first into the jaws of a 20-foot anaconda — or at least that’s what viewers were led to believe would happen.

Maybe the show should have been called “Rolling Around in the Mud Alive,” “Constricted Alive” or “Made to Feel Really Uncomfortable … Alive!”

By the end of the two-hour event, one thing was clear: Rosolie, outfitted in a compression suit covered in a generous coating of pig blood, did convince the anaconda to go after him — but he was by no means eaten, alive or otherwise.

For those who’d waited a full hour and 45 minutes into the show to see the stunt start, the bait and switch left them angrier than the anaconda.

That’s a shame, because as the show started, they couldn’t contain their eagerness about it on Twitter:

Jacob Kaiser @jacobmkaiser: If this dude doesn’t end up inside this anaconda, I’m gonna be really upset about the last 2 hours of my life. #EatenAlive

Ken LaVicka @KLV1063: Don’t worry guys, the snake felt like it wasted a few hours of its life, too. #EatenAlive

You can find more tweets if you do a search on the hashtag #EatenAlive.

Well, at least it’s over — for now. After the encounter, Rosolie teased, “Now that I know this suit can withstand the crush, we’re ready to take it to a real giant.”

Whether or not that giant will eat him remains to be seen.

by Ree Hines

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