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DISNEY Remembers That September Is Baby Safety Month

DISNEY  Remembers That September Is Baby Safety Month 5

Did you know that September was Baby Safety Month?  Well, the people at Disney Baby sure did.  The Walt Disney Company and all its subsidiaries have always taken the needs of our children into account.  The product safety information specially says “The safety of products bearing Disney brands, characters and other intellectual property is of crucial concern to us”.

As parents we worry about the safety our child.  Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that.  As human beings, we are all concerned with the welfare of our offspring.  Whether it’s your child, your sibling’s children or even that of a friend, we all worry that the items they use or touch could actually hurt them.

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when using some of your baby’s biggest products.

When a child is in his/her walker:

• Use childproof locks on the doors, or plastic lids whenever possible, this includes doors, cupboards, electrical outlets and stairs
• Be careful with any sharp edges or fragile items and anything that can be overturned
• Be careful with the furniture, plants, extension cords or anything else that your baby can collide with when they  ride in a baby walker
• Keep the products of chemicals and cleaning out of the reach of your baby

For car seats:

• Make sure baby is sitting properly in the car seat.  If child is less than 2 years old, make sure that the seat is facing the back of the vehicle.
• Infants must always travel in the back seat.
• Check that the seat belt is fastened and perfectly in its proper place.

For strollers/buggies:

• Buckle the baby in the stroller/buggy.
• Keep the stroller/buggy near you at all times.
• Be sure to set the brakes if you plan to sit in one place for a while.
• Make sure that if you attach a bag to your stroller, it is not so heavy bag that is causes the buggy/stroller to move on its own or tip over.

This holiday season, as you pick up gifts for that special child, make sure to consider safety.

See the gallery below for a small peek at the kinds of things Disney Products that may interest you.



by Ninnette Aquino

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