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DMX Flips Out On ‘Couples Therapy’

Who would have thought a reality show like Couples Therapy would have violence and drama? Rapper DMX flipped his lid on the show, feeling constantly on edge with all the cameras.

The rapper claimed being subjected to all the house rules and forced interaction made him feel like he was back in jail. DMX said,

“They’ve got us on some lockdown sh** in the house. I didn’t sign up for this sh**.”

DMX should have seen it coming. Nothing says lockdown like being forced to be in a house with a spouse you are fighting with, forced to sort out your dirty laundry in front of the cameras, for millions of nosy fans to see. Somehow, the rapper was surprised by his discomfort.

DMX argued with their therapist as his estranged wife, Tashera Simmons, looked on in silence. He clutched a bible while saying to his therapist,

“We don’t need help. The only help we need is right here.”

Dr. Jenn, the marital counselor, tried to get DMX to talk about his issues, to no avail. He refused to deal with uncomfortable situations, choosing instead to walk away. His therapist disagreed with the rapper’s way of avoiding people he doesn’t want to deal with. DMX responded,

“You got me surrounded by f***ing cameras, and it’s not going to be pretty!”

Oh the drama! What will happen next?



By Ikam Acosta

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