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Don Omar divorce settlment with Ex-wfire, Jackie Guerrido, gets MILLIONS in alimony

Don Omar divorce settlment with Ex-wfire, Jackie Guerrido, gets MILLIONS in alimony 1

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Another celebrity wedding that is now one for the history books! Reggaetonero Don Omar and Primer Impacto presenter and former weather forecaster Jackie Guerrido have finally finalized their divorce in a New Jersey court this week. The process has not been easy for either party, although Don Omar was the one who made his broken heart most apparent. Jackie seems to be doing well, emotionally. Professionally, she’s advanced significantly. And financially … well, let me just say, the millions she received in the settlement is enough to last her for a good long while!

According to Puerto Rican daily Primera Hora, Jackie received about $3.7 million dollars for her two-and-a-half year marriage to the reggaeton star. Honestly, the settlement amount left me a little speechless. On the one hand, I’m happy Don Omar is as successful as he is to be able to pay that huge amount. It’s just so much money for such a short-lived marriage!

I want to think that all that money went to Jackie because Don Omar is generous, not because the there’s truth in the rumors about Don Omar’s abuse towards her. Perhaps the money is tied to some sort of confidentiality agreement, so I’m sure we’ll never know the truth.

After the divorce was finalized, both celebs tweeted cryptic messages that seem inspirational, but when you realize the date they were posted, take on a whole new meaning. “Never blame the other person,” Jackie wrote. “Good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, and the best people leave you memories.” For his part, Don Omar tweeted: “My future has always been better than my past, that’s why I always walk on forward without fear.”

In an interview with a Miami radio station earlier this year, Don Omar  delved a little more into how he really felt about his now ex: “I’m not angry with her. My heart is clean; I don’t feel anger towards anyone. On the contrary, I found myself and I know that respecting myself for who I am, for what I do, for what I did, for what I fixed, for all that I’m a better human being today.”

The truth is that I’m always a little sad when I see that a marriage doesn’t work, especially when the romance seemed to have been the stuff of fairy tales–I mean, Jackie and Don Omar’s wedding in April 2010 was magical. But I guess that’s life and you have to move forward. Best of luck to both of them!



By Alicia Civita



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