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Don Omar Gets Into Scuffle With Azteca TV Reporter

There’s no denying that reporters can be pushy when talking to celebs. And, by the looks of things, an Azteca TV interviewer got a little too aggressive when speaking with Don Omar this week. So much so, that El Don’s bodyguards had to be called in to calm the situation.

According to Latin Gossip, Omar felt his personal space was getting invaded by the Azteca reporter. Though their exchange started out civil, it quickly took a turn for the worse, ultimately leading to a “minor” altercation.

El Don went on to say that the interviewer was “invading his physical and psychological space.” Omar also said he felt disrespected and got his bodyguards to quickly eject the man from his hotel (where the encounter took place).

Now we’re sure the Azteca guy will claim he was treated unfair, but we may have to side with Don on this one. There is a time and a place for celebrity questioning and, in our opinion, the lobby of their vacationing hotel isn’t one of them.



By Michael Lopez



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