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Donald Trump Set To Make Character Appearance For Season 7 Of American Horror Story

Donald Trump Set To Make Character Appearance For Season 7 Of American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the upcoming election-inspired season of American Horror Story will feature the characters of former election rivals Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to E! Online, the showrunner revealed the news flippantly, stating: “[We haven’t cast Clinton or Trump] yet. We’re halfway through the writing and not yet.“

He did share a minor tease of what to expect, however.

“It starts on election night is all I’ll say… It’s very scary that night for many people. It’s fun, you will like it. It’s really a season that will have a lot of people interested and I think there’s something for everybody in that season.”

Murphy, who is currently promoting new series Feud, stated that the recent US election is a “jumping off point” to something grander.

Horror Story is always about allegory, so the election is allegory. It’s our jumping off point. It is about the election we just went through and what happened on that night and the fallout of that night, which to many people, from all sides of the camps is a horror story. And you know, that show is always so fun when it’s about the zeitgeist and what we’re doing now.”

He confirmed that while Clinton will appear, AHS veteran Sarah Paulson – who has appeared in all previous six seasons – won’t be playing the Democrat.

“I think people literally think Sarah Paulson is playing Hillary Clinton, and I wanted to clarify that that is not true.

New series Feud focuses on the rivalry between Hollywood stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Murphy’s other TV properties include American Crime Story and Scream Queens.




By Jacob Stolworthy

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