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‘Dora The Explorer’ Gets A New Voice

After all of the drama surrounding Dora the Explorer’s previous alter ego, it makes sense for Nickelodeon to want to switch things up in the voiceover department.  And this week, they’re debuting a new young Latina in the starring role.

11-year-old Fátima Ptacek (who is part Ecuadorian) will now be speaking for the famous junior adventurer. And the network’s got some big plans on how to kick off Dora’s latest episodes. Expect to see brand new characters like Don Quixote (voiced by Andy Garcia) and the greedy old owl.

Nickelodeon execs seem thrilled about what the latest Dora installments have in store. But clearly, a majority of their excitement revolves around Fátima.

“We are thrilled to welcome Fátima Ptacek into the Nickelodeon family as the new voice of the world’s most beloved Latina heroine,” Senior Vice President, Teri Wiess said. “Dora the Explorer is a role model and best friend to children around the globe and in the new episodes she continues to invite preschoolers on her exciting and educational adventures.”

You can check out the new and improved Dora on Nick Jr., every weekday at 10 a.m.



By Michael Lopez



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