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Dr. Dre Gets Recognition As 2014’s Highest-Paid Musician

Dr. Dre Gets Recognition As 2014's Highest-Paid Musician

The Eagles placed third with $100 million, Bon Jovi is fourth at $82 million and Bruce Springsteen is barely behind at fifth with $81 million. Advocating for cutting costs where possible, Bon Jovi told Forbes, “I know big bands where each of them has personal assistants on the road, each of them has a security guard. We don’t have a security guard. Take your own friggin’ bags!”

The Forbes’ Highest Paid Musicians of 2014:

Number 1. Dr. Dre – $620 million
Number 2. Beyonce – $115 million
Number 3. The Eagles – $100 million
Number 4. Bon Jovi – $82 million
Number 5. Bruce Springsteen – $81 million
Number 6. Justin Bieber – $80 million
Number 7. One Direction – $75 million
Number 8. Paul McCartney – $71 million
Number 9. Calvin Harris – $66 million
Number 10. Toby Keith – $65 million

To see where your other favorite musicians may have landed, check out the full list at Forbes.




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