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Drake Mocks Macklemore’s Music At ESPYS Awards

Drake Mocks Macklemore's Music At ESPYS Awards

Last night Drake hosted the 2014 ESPYs. That’s an award show for sports. Sports are physical, competitive activities that some people participate in, often on teams, sometimes individually. Since this is a pop culture website I thought maybe a little explanation would be helpful. But you’re not here to read about sports. You’re here because Drake used his hosting gig to throw shade at Macklemore, and you want to know what he said. Lucky for you, I’m about to tell you.


During the show Drake performed a song called “Honorable Mention,” all about being number 2 (except not the bathroom kind). Not gonna lie, the sports references in this song go over my head. But what doesn’t go over my head is Drake’s line, “Real talent doesn’t always win championships, like real music doesn’t always win Grammys.” How do I know this dig was about Macklemore? Because his photograph appeared behind Drake as he sang this part. Yeah, not exactly subtle.

It might be pretty easy to figure out without the photo, though. There was that whole fiasco earlier this year in which Macklemore won the Best Rap Album Grammy and then texted Kendrick Lamar about how much he deserved it instead — although he still wasn’t willing to give up the nice shiny award he’d just won. To make things even more annoying, Macklemore then posted the text on his own Instagram to look good. Drake expressed disapproval of the move when it first happened, questioning why he’d single Kendrick out and not text all the other nominees. To use his exact words, he said “that shit was wack as fuck.” I might usually say a move like Drake’s last night was immature, but I thought Macklemore was a real douche for that move, and also for a lot of other things, so I’m tempted to give him a round of applause.

By Jill O’Rourke

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