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Drama Erupts Between Thalía & Her Grandma

Drama Erupts Between Thalía & Her Grandma

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Beware of the wrath of an angry abuelita. Though Thalía may seem joyful in front of the cameras, behind the scenes there seems to be a war brewing between her and her 95-year-old grandmother, Eva Mange.

According to Latina, Eva wants a larger financial “allowance” from Thalía and three of her sisters. And she’s ready to go to court to get it! Yup, Mange has now filed a lawsuit to recoup funds that were allegedly left to her by Thalía’s madre.

“When an older person can’t work and is disabled, the kids are responsible,” Eva said in a recent interview. “In this case, the daughter is no longer present, so the obligation falls on the grandchildren.”

Thalía’s mom passed away last year and that seems to be the spark that started the family turmoil. Though with all of the cash she’s earned in her career (and a music mogul hubby), we doubt Thalía would be nickel and diming her abuela. But perhaps a judge will see things differently. Stay tuned for details…



by Michael Lopez

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