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Drawp, New Children’s iPad App, Brings Families Closer Together Through a Single-Swipe

Drawp, New Children's iPad App, Brings Families Closer Together Through a Single-Swipe 1


Drawp® (drawp.it), an iPad app that lets children create and share with the people they love, launched today and is available for free in the iTunes App Store. Leveraging Drawp’s SimpleShare™ Technology, children can now safely share drawings with those in their parent-approved network over email or in the app – all through a single swipe.

According to a recent Nielsen report, 48 percent of children aged 6-12 in the US asked for an iPad last holiday season. With children’s rampant usage of tablets and parents’ demanding schedules, it is important for apps to be more than just e-babysitters and meet parents’ and children’s broader educational needs. Drawp was created to address the need for parents, family, and friends to remain involved and responsive in all aspects of a child’s life.

Interacting with caring adults significantly benefits children’s emotional and intellectual wellbeing, but with families living further apart than previous generations, children have fewer opportunities to communicate with the people who most care. According to an AARP report, 50 percent of grandparents live more than 200 miles away from their grandchildren; not surprisingly, 46 percent of these grandparents wish they could live closer and engage more. Drawp aims to connect children with family and friends through the simple acts of drawing and sharing, both integral aspects of a child’s development and self-expression.

Drawp does this through:

  • Single-swipe sharing:Sharing is as simple and intuitive as a single-swipe to anyone in the parent-approved network. Kids can connect with grandparents or parents at work by swiping a drawing to their profile pictures.
  • Collaboration: Drawp is designed with engagement in mind. Positively reinforce and collaborate with the child by adding color or audio to the drawing you’ve received and swipe it back to the child. Don’t have an iPad? Simply respond through email and it will appear as a Post-It note on the child’s drawing.
  • Parent-approved network: Parents can rest assured their children are only sharing creations with those in the secure network curated and approved by parents.
  • Dynamic and unique paints: iPads aren’t limited by the physics of paper and paints, so drawing apps should reflect that. Children can draw and paint with clouds, cotton candy, or messy monsters, without leaving a mess.
  • Multiple child profiles: Each member of the family has their own personal profile to create and share.
  • Offline accessibility:Drawp is designed for families at home or on the go with online and offline accessibility.
  • Better than a refrigerator magnet: Drawp is an exciting new way to showcase a child’s boundless creativity to friends and family over email, social networks, or in the app.

Download Drawp in the iTunes App Store here: http://bit.ly/drawpapp


About Drawp

Drawp was created by Ana Albir and Kunal Jham and aims to connect children with loved ones through the simple acts of drawing and sharing – integral aspects of child development. Inspired by the belief that appropriately-used technology can greatly contribute to a child’s healthy development, Ana and Kunal set out to provide a solution that enables children to use tablets in a fun and meaningful way while also allowing parents to breath easy. Drawp is available for free in the iPad App Store and is the first app created by Moondrop Entertainment, LLC.



SOURCE Moondrop Entertainment, LLC



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