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Eddie Murphy’s Returns To The Big Screen After Four Years In “Mr. Church”

Eddie Murphy’s Returns To The Big Screen After Four Years In "Mr. Church"

hen was the last time we saw Eddie Murphy on the big screen? You’ll have to go back to 2012 when he starred in the lackluster comedy A Thousand Words. The movie was filmed four years prior to its release and was in production hell. This wasn’t new for Murphy, who has been in his fair share of commercially unsuccessful films in recent years. Who could forget Norbit, Meet Dave, and The Adventures of Pluto Nash? But now Murphy is trying to bring back his charm and stretch those dramatic acting muscles as the title role in Mr. Church.

Mr. Church made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April and was produced by Cinelou Films and EMA. Cinelou which was behind the 2014 Jennifer Aniston drama Cake will also be handing distribution in the United States. Mr. Church is a period drama set in Los Angeles during the late 1960s about a hired cook named Mr. Church, who takes care of a young girl’s mother while she battles cancer. Mr. Church and the young girl (Britt Robertson) spark up a lifelong friendship, and the film chronicles the trials and tribulations both of them go through. Basically, we’re getting ‘serious’ Eddie Murphy with this flick. Producer Courtney Solomon told Variety,“We are proud to be a part of Eddie Murphy’s return to the big screen, particularly because he’s playing a role so different from his previous work.”

Mr. Church will have its theatrical release on September 16, and will eventually be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Cinelou has released a clip for the movie(below) just a few months ago in April.


By: Kayla Layne Crawford



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