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Edward James Olmos Announces Latino Superhero Project

It certainly seems like actor Edward James Olmos is busy these days. He recently signed on for multiple episodes of the cult TV show Dexter and is now planning to launch an original film based on a Latino superhero. Entitled Mettle, the movie will feature Olmos as a Vietnam veteran who gains special powers after some questionable government-funded experiments.

Co-produced by his son MichaelMettle actually has some pretty strong comic book cred behind it. Legendary Iron Man writer Bob Layton has been brought on board to help shape the story.

“What we hope to do for the super hero genre is what Battlestar Galactica did for the science fiction genre,” Layton told Yahoo News. “We want to do something to elevate the superhero genre and do something that has never been seen before.”

And if Edward does indeed take on a starring role in Mettle, we could see it appealing to several different sects of movie audiences. On one hand you’ve got him representing the Latino element, and at 64-years-old, Olmos may also help bring some much-needed superhero elements to the senior crowd.



By Michael Lopez

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