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‘ El Chavo del Ocho’ Comes To Homes In A New Way

' El Chavo del Ocho' Comes To Homes In A New Way 3

el chavo del ocho

If you are Hispanic and old enough to remember cassette tapes and non remote-controlled TVs, are smart enough to know that you must wait at least an hour after eating to go swimming, and used the “fue sin querer queriendo” excuse more times than you can remember to explain away why you had taken your siblings toy or broken your grandma’s fine baroque-style porcelain vase, then YOU are likely part of the “El Chavo del 8″ generation – those Hispanic kids who enjoyed their “meriendas” to the sound of El Chavo and Quico bickering and laughing, and looked to El Chavo to give them the key phrases to get them through any sticky situation.

Watch the video to see El Chavo fans share their memories, nostalgic moments and favorite quotes.

To some, El Chavo seems to have been part of a magical era, but in fact that same El Chavo who connected with us in our living rooms as children also grew up (sort of) and became a global phenomenon and the most successful Hispanic franchise.  Re-runs of the original show are still seen in 90 countries around the world; El Chavo has a new animated series, which reaches a whole new generation; and now, a toy line that includes the beloved characters from “La Vecindad.”

We have seen overwhelming response from fans who are extremely excited to see El Chavo and his friends immortalized and celebrated in this toy line.  Whether it’s next to Mickey, Scooby-Doo or Diego – El Chavo, arguably our most iconic Hispanic character, now not only has a place in our heart, but also in the toy isle.

Leading U.S. toymaker JAKKS Pacific, Inc. announced that the new “El Chavo” toy line, inspired by the highly popular comedy series, is set to hit store shelves in August. JAKKS is currently the North American Master Toy Licensee for “El Chavo,” a partnership entered with Televisa and exclusive licensing agent Univision.

“Being on the air continuously for over 40 years, ‘El Chavo’ is one of the most enduring and beloved properties to Latino families today,” said Stephen Berman, President and CEO, JAKKS Pacific, Inc. “It is clear to us that ‘El Chavo’ resonates with Latinos as a reminder of their roots and has transcended generations as a reflection of their cultural heritage. We look forward to bringing ‘El Chavo’ toys to millions of kids across the U.S.”

The new line of toys, recommended for all fans three years of age and older, will be available at retailers Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, Amazon, and Walgreens, and supermarkets H-E-B, Curacao, Cardenas, and Vallarta, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $19.99. The products will include action figures, plush, dolls, role play products, dress up, seasonal toys, table top games and novelty items that celebrate the world of “El Chavo” including a variety of characters seen in animated series, “El Chavo Animado.” These include:

  • 18” Talking El Chavo Doll: The huggable talking doll says six signature Chavo phrases including ¡Eso, eso, eso…! (Thassit, thassit, thassit!), ¡Se me chispoteó! (It just came out!), ¡Fue sin querer queriendo! (I didn’t mean to mean it!), ¡Zas! ¡Y que yo…! (All riiight,! An’ then, like, I, like, like, I, like…), Bueno, pero no se enoje (All riiiiiightieee, no need to get angry…), and ¡Es que no me tienen paciencia! (No one’s ever patient with me!)
  • 18” Parlanchin Quico Doll: Just like El Chavo, this talking doll says 6 signature Quico phrases that everyone has come to know and love: ¡Chusma, chusma…! (Rabble, rabble…!), ¡Ay, ya cállate, cállate, cállate, que me desesperas! (Oh, be quiet already! Be quiet! You’re driving me crazy!), ¡Me doy! (I give!), ¡No me simpatizas! (I don’t like you!), ¡Anda, di que si! Anda si! (Come on, say yes!), ¡Qué cosa! No? (What’s going on here, unbelievable, right?)
    • 12” Plush Dolls with DVD: The cuddly Chavo, Popis and Quico dolls come packaged with a DVD featuring a full length Spanish-language episode of El Chavo. Also available without DVD.
    • 7” Mini Plush Dolls: These soft dolls include Chavo, Popis, Quico, Ñoño, Don Ramon and Doña Florinda, and feature embroidered faces.
    • 2.75” Collectible Figures: The collectible figures are available in two packs including Chavo & Popis, Quico & Doña Florinda, Ñoño & Don Ramon.
    • 5” Vinyl Toys: These toys feature five points of articulation and three popular characters from the show: Chavo, Popis and Quico.
    • Finger Puppets: The fun finger puppet line includes the entire El Chavo gang and allows enthusiasts to create their own storylines.
    • El Chavo Kids Hat: El Chavo’s iconic green hat is perfect for kids to play dress up and create their own El Chavo look.
    • El Chavo Dominoes: This domino set includes 28 high quality dominoes in a colorful El Chavo tin box.


Berman continued: “Averaging more than 100 million viewers around the world every day, and loved by generations of Latinos, ‘El Chavo’ is the perfect property to develop toys and other products around. Our product line will bring to life the charm of the characters and their community, allowing both long-time and more recent fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating and loveable world of ‘El Chavo.’”

 The most-watched television sitcom in Mexican history, “El Chavo” was made famous by comic Roberto Gómez Bolaños over four decades ago. In the U.S., “El Chavo” airs Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. ET/PT on UniMás and Monday through Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Galavisión. The animated series of this beloved character, “El Chavo Animado” airs on Univision at 4 p.m. ET/PT, bringing the nostalgia and popularity of the original series to a new generation of viewers.


For more “El Chavo” fun and information, please visit and JAKKS Pacific’s social media platforms.




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