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Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Oscar Hosting Gig In The Way She does Best, Dancing Of Course

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Oscar Hosting Gig In The Way She does Best, Dancing Of Course

Ellen Degeneres Oscars video

Ellen DeGeneres was born to dance!

On Thursday, Dec. 19, the charming Oscars trailer featuring 2014’s host debuted online. Directed by BridesmaidsPaul Feig, it begins with the daytime talk show host adjusting her bow tie and lacing her sneakers. DeGeneres then hits the streets to pantomime “The Walker” by Fitz & the Tantrums—all while showing off her best dance moves, of course.

Before long, 250 tuxedo-clad backup dancers join DeGeneres on the Warner Bros. studio lot. So You Think You Can Dance‘s Stephen “tWitch” Boss choreographed the group number.

“Paul Feig has a reputation of being hilarious and nice and smart,” the comedienne said in a behind-the-scenes video. “I thought this is a great idea and I loved it. And I want to be in Bridesmaids 2, so 2+2: great Oscars promo, Bridesmaids 2, cha-ching.”

“I had the best time making this,” DeGeneres added. “I love Paul, I love tWitch, I love Fitz and I like most of the Tantrums.”

Feig, who became an official Academy Awards member this year, then explained the concept of the trailer. “Ellen’s so great. She’s of the people. And I wanted the message to be basically that everyone gets to go to the Oscars this year,” he said. “I’m a huge fan of Ellen’s. I love what she does and I love the way she does it, the persona she puts forward and the way that she treats people and the causes that she supports.”

Writing and directing the trailer was a surreal experience for The Heat filmmaker. “You really do have to pinch yourself because you grow up—I grew up—watching the Oscars,” Feig said. “To be working this intimately with the Academy and to be working specifically for the Oscars, I almost can’t put into words how exciting it is if you’re somebody who loves movies.”

The Oscars trailer will run in movie theaters nationwide beginning Jan. 3. The Academy Awards will air live March 2 on ABC.



by Zach Johnson



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