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Emily Blunt Nearly Killed Tom Cruise During Filming “Edge Of Tomorrow”

Emily Blunt Nearly Killed Tom Cruise During Filming "Edge Of Tomorrow"

Blunt guested on Conan Wednesday and regaled Conan O’Brien with a story from the Edge of Tomorrow set: The time she almost killed Tom Cruise.

“I hear him going [quietly], ‘Brake. Brake. Brake,'” Blunt recalled of a scene that involved a tricky bit of stunt-driving. (The pair did their own stunts on the film.) “‘Em, brake the car! Brake the car!'”

“And I left it too late and so drove us into a tree … and I almost killed Tom Cruise,” Blunt finished. She says she was initially a little irritated that Cruise was backseat driving during their scene, but eventually swallowed her pride, realizing that there was no way she was more qualified in driving than Tom “Mission: Impossible” Cruise.

Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters June 6.



By Alex Heigl

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