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Eminem Stirs Up Controversy With New ‘Space Bound’ Video

There’s no denying that Eminem loves to throw a little shock value into his music. Whether it’s controversial lyrics or violent accompanying videos, Em’screativity can always provoke a discussion. For his latest “Space Bound” clip, the rapper’s tackling the topic of suicide with blunt force.

Directed by visionary Joseph Kahn, the “Space Bound” video has a very realistic and gritty feel. In the past Kahn has inserted tons of colorful imagery and pop fun into his MTV work. He’s helmed such classics as Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape” and Lady Gaga’s “LoveGame,” but you could hardly tell from what he’s shot here.

For this four-minute mini-movie, Kahn’s given Em a porn star as a romantic lead. Adult actress Sasha Grey portrays Slim Shady’s distant girlfriend in the clip and it’s clear from tense diner scenes that they are going through a very rough patch.

The real drama begins during the last minute of the video. There Kahn shot Emviolently attacking Grey, trying to strangle her in a motel room. Then, in a fit of rage, he grabs a gun and fires a bullet into his head! It’s clearly a very powerful moment and one that plenty of Eminem fans will be tweeting about for months to come.



By Michael Lopez

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