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Eric Bana on fighting Saoirse Ronan in the must-see ‘Hanna’

I’m rather annoyed at the moment. No, it’s not just because Pia Toscano was voted off “American Idol” — although considering she was the only remaining contestant with any real starpower it’s insane, but don’t mind me I’m just a “movie” person. The real reason I’m a bit perturbed is because of the critical reaction to Joe Wright’s new thriller “Hanna.” It’s just not good enough.

So far, “Hanna” has a “fresh” 71% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 67 (considered positive) on Metacritic, but that’s it? In my book, the stylish, inventive and wonderfully acted “Hanna” is far and away better than “Source Code,” “Jane Eyre” (don’t get me started) and “Win Win” (a fine film, but…). Perhaps this is a case of critics expecting the world from Wright? Clearly one of the best filmmakers working these days, Wright surprised with his debut “Pride and Prejudice” (which has aged wonderfully) and created a modern classic with “Atonement.” His last film, “The Soloist,” had its issues, but is still underrated. And now, the same fate may fall on a gutsy and masterful thriller you just can’t miss. Is Wright so good he just makes it look to easy? And did we mention it features top work from Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Tom Hollander and a phenomenal turn by Saoirse Ronan?

As you ponder those questions, check out my interview with Bana embedded in this post. We discuss his concerns stunt fighting his much younger co-star and just how fun and difficult it is to shoot one shot scenes.

“Hana” is now playing nationwide. I repeat: don’t miss it.

By Gregory Ellwood – Plus: Shooting one take scenes with Joe Wright



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