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Erin Andrews Fires Back at Threats on Twitter

Erin Andrews Fires Back at Threats on Twitter


Erin Andrews has probably had it with technology.

Knowing first-hand just how creepy a famous person’s public can get, Andrews called out a menacing Twitter user today for posting threatening messages directed at the Fox Sports host.

“Why Twitter needs policing,” Andrews tweeted this morning, while also retweeting a post from user @hyuncmartinez that read, “@ErinAndrews You make eye contact with me and I will chop you apart. You are just a bad thing.”

No word yet on whether Andrews has—as many of her fans encouraged her to do—alerted law enforcement about the seeming menace to her Twitter society, but took the liberty of compiling an assortment of nasty tweets to Andrew from the same account posted over the last couple weeks.

(And we’ll just go right ahead and assume that the barrage of tweets doesn’t have anything to do with a new Justin Bieber video coming out soon.)

“@ErinAndrews Do not make me mention about your family you psycho!!!” @hyuncmartinez tweeted Monday, followed by, “@ErinAndrews So, now how will you face me tonight bitch?” and, most recently, “@ErinAndrews You do not tweet me anymore before I will kill you.”

Andrews certainly isn’t letting bad Twitter energy keep her down, though: She was reporting live from the San Francisco Giants’ at-home victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in the seventh game of the National League Championship Series tonight.

“Game 7!!!!! I love my job,” she tweeted.



by Natalie Finn



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