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Eva and Kumar Go to the White House! Longoria, Kal Penn Join Obama’s Reelection Campaign

At first glance, Eva Longoria and Kal Penn don’t seem to  have much in common.

She: Desperate Housewife–cum–fashionista extraordinaire. He: desperate  burger-muncher–cum–stoner extraordinaire.

But the two have now found a project to work on together, and nope, it’s not  in Hollywood.

Both have been named cochairs to President Barack  Obama‘s reelection campaign.

Longoria and Penn are among 35 nominees on the list, and they  represent the  crucial Hollywood voting bloc that Obama is looking to  secure.

The duo will be drawing on their showbiz clout to drum up  support for the  president in his reelection bid, as they seek top-tier  endorsements and  contributions. According to reports, campaign cochairs  will also serve as  advisers on strategic issues.

The two  stars are in prestigious company: The roster of cochairs also  includes  two former White House chiefs of staff, Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley.

Longoria and Penn are known for been longtime and vocal Obama champions.  During  a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last fall, Longoria told the  host:  “It’s a special privilege to meet  our commander-in-chief. I’m a  big  Obama supporter no matter what he’s been  through. He’s been beaten  up  the past couple of years.”

Penn,  on the other hand, famously took two years off from Hollywood to join  the  White House’s Office of Public Engagement as associate director.

“There  are so many great things that the President especially is doing,” he  told Movieline last November after completing his White  House stint.  “He’s been pushing a lot of things through that don’t make the  news,  like financial aid reform or increasing Pell grants…I think it  reinforced my commitment to wanting to stay active in public  service—not  politics necessarily, but public service.”

Now, if only Longoria and Penn would finally collab on a movie together,  they’d get our endorsement!






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