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Ever wondered how Men’s and Women’s Ideal Body Image looked? Check Inside

Ever wondered how Men's and Women's Ideal Body Image looked? Check Inside  3

Men and women might not come from two different planets, but they do have pretty different beauty ideals when it comes to both mens and women’s bodies!

According to a survey conducted by lingerie and sex toy retailer BlueBella.com, ladies would describe the perfect female body as a toned and trim brunette while the guys’ find a voluptuous blond bombshell to be most desirable.

The “perfect woman,” according to the women in this survey, would have Cara Delevingne‘s face and its “supermodel features,” Jennifer Aniston‘s “pert and perky” boobs, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s “toned’ stomach, Kate Middleton‘s “long, luscious” brown hair, Emma Watson‘s  “boyish” hips and Elle Macpherson‘s never-ending legs.


According to the men participating in this story, though, the “perfect woman” would have Megan Fox‘s “softer” face, Kim Kardashian‘s “fuller” boobs, Michelle Keegan‘s slim tummy, Scarlett Johansson‘s long, blond hair and Kelly Brook‘s “fuller” hips.

As for the “perfect man?” The women surveyed would like him to have Harry Styles‘ hair (obviously), Jamie Dornan‘s “beautiful, open face” face, British model David Gandy‘s torso, Brad Pitt‘s biceps and David Beckham‘s legs.


If the fellas could make themselves into the “perfect man,” though, they’d have Brad Pitt’s hair (seriously?!), the “flawed but chiseled bone structure” of David Beckham‘s face, Ryan Gosling‘s “rock-solid” torso, Hugh Jackman‘s “rippling [bicep] muscles” and soccer hunk Frank Lampard‘s legs.


Now, before anyone gets their hypothetical knickers in a twist, keep in mind these are the results of one survey that looked at the opinions of 1,000 people—500 men and 500 women purportedly “chosen to reflect all socio-economic groups of the British population.” But you know how many people are on this earth? Somewhere around 7 billion, all of whom have their own unique tastes and preferences for what they think constitutes a “perfect” human—male or female.

You don’t need to conform to any of these standards to be beautiful. Just make the most of what you’ve got!



by Rebecca Macatee

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