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Ex TV Judge Joe Brown Starts His Begins 5 Days Of Jail

Ex TV Judge Joe Brown Starts His Begins 5 Days Of Jail

Former TV judge Joe Brown turned himself into authorities Thursday night and is now serving a five-day stint for being found in contempt of court dating back to an incident from last year, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed today.

Brown, 68, surrendered himself to Memphis police, then was transferred to Shelby Corrections, police add.

The contempt of court charge comes from a March 2014 incident after Brown attempted to help a woman in her child support case. He ignored the judge’s warning to quiet down after getting loud with court employees,  a member of Shelby County Juvenile Court shared.

Last year, Brown himself spoke to ABC News about the arrest and the incident.

“When I insisted that the woman’s charges be dismissed. He started talking about, I’m not an attorney so-and-so. … I said, ‘You know, it’s wrong. … You’re better than this,'” Brown explained, adding he should only have been fined.

Dan Michael, chief magistrate of the Shelby County Juvenile Court that Brown interrupted, “This is not Hollywood. This is the real thing and as an officer of the court he should have known better.”

Brown was in jail for a few hours right after the incident, then had a hearing a month later to set the five-day jail stint he is now serving.

Brown’s lawyer did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

Brown’s show “Judge Joe Brown” ran from 1998 to 2013







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